Trademark Application & Representation



  • Brand Strength Analysis Report: You receive thoroughly researched analysis regarding the strength of your brand name (one brand name) as compared to names successfully registered with the USPTO.
  • Brand Clearance Search Report: We perform a comprehensive nationwide search to determine if another person or company has your brand name or something similar (a similar brand name can stop your mark from being registered). From this, you receive a 150-300 page report with findings.
  • Brand Monetization & Scaling Session to identify growth opportunities (after filing).
  • Clearance Search Fee for One Mark in One Class or Industry: We'll will cover the costs.
  • Brand Trademark Application for One Class: With 45 classes to choose from, we'll cover the costs of one class.
  • Ongoing Support Throughout 16 - 24 Month Process: You receive ongoing support through unlimited emails and scheduled calls until your mark registers.

TM Watch Services

STARTING AT $1600 per year | $500 per quarter*

  • Detailed quarterly opinion letter detailing potentially infringing trademarks in the marketplace
  • Session to strategize cease & desist and/or other brand protection efforts
  • TM representation at the USPTO
  • TM renewal and maintenance reminders

*service includes cease & desist and/or renewal for an additional investment

New Brand Strategy Session



  • Comprehensive session detailing the types of brand names likely to be registered at the USPTO
  • Ideation session to brainstorm up to 20 brand names
  • USPTO search of top 3 brand names**
  • Preliminary report regarding the trademark risks of top 3 brand names

*Service provided complimentary with Trademark Application Pack investments

**Service includes comprehensive nationwide search, USPTO filing, & representation for additional fee of $1,850

IP Licensing & Brand Monetization



  • Audit of intellectual property portfolio to assess brand monetization and licensing strategy
  • Session discussing TM licensing and brand monetization goals
  • Completion of brand strategy & monetization roadmap
  • Completion of brand licensing agreement

Office Action Representation

STARTING AT $1800 - $2000


  • Office action assessment + fact & legal research
  • Collection of supplemental evidence & changes to the USPTO filed application as needed
  • Representation before the USPTO, no matter how long it takes
  • Drafted Office Action Response & filing before USPTO
  • Unlimited scheduled consultations throughout the office action response process

Cease & Desist



  • Assessment & research regarding the likelihood of brand infringement
  • Opinion letter discussing research results and legal strategy
  • Completing and sending a cease and desist letter or response to the opposing business*

*Option available if research and discussion necessitate a C&D Letter or Response.

TM Renewal Services



  • Asessment of trademark registration for Section 8 renewal protection
  • Assessment of trademark registration for incotestability protection, thereby rendering your trademark immune from common attacks by third parties
  • TM representation before the USPTO
  • Unlimited client updates & scheduled check ins

International TM Filing & Representation



  • Collection & assessment of evidence undergirding USPTO and international trademark applications for designated countries
  • Filing of TM application with the World Intellectual Property Organization ("WIPO")
  • Representation before WIPO, no matter how long it takes
  • Resolution of non-substative refusals and/or office actions
  • Unlimited client updates & scheduled check ins
  • Registration certificate

*service includes one class registration for one country

The Results

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